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Meet Our Farmers

Great Northern Poultry is owned and operated by Cameron Ward and Angus Shepherd. Their collaboration produces high-quality gourmet poultry, including the exclusive Black Namoi, that has been raised under the best conditions.

Angus Shepherd

Angus Shepherd

The Shepherd family manage all aspects of the specialist genetics, breeding, brooding and hatching of our poultry, on their farm just outside Manilla NSW.

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Cameron and Sarah Ward

Cameron Ward

The Ward Family has a life long passion for poultry, which they grow on their family farm near Gunnedah NSW, where the birds live a PROOF (Pasture Raised on Open Fields) life.

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We produce the best
Black Skin Chicken in the country

Black Namoi Donna Chang

© Donna Chang

Black Namoi

© Andrew Yeo

Black Namoi Pasture Raised

Experience our Whole Dressed Black Namoi in your kitchen or purchase our Chinese Silkie for your breeding program.

What makes the Black Namoi unique?

The Black Namoi is a modern spin on the traditional rare breed and Asian coveted, black skin "Silkie" chicken.  The Black Namoi is the result of new bloodlines and crossbreeding, culminating in a small, tender table bird with:

  • startling black skin and bones;
  • a good layer of fat;
  • a greater proportion of moist meat; and
  • a deeper, richer and less gamey flavour than the traditional Silkie.
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Our Poultry is Pasture Raised in the fresh country air