Our Farms

Our poultry is hatched, grown and Pasture Raised on family farms in the Nandewar Ranges, NSW


Who is Great Northern Poultry?

Great Northern Poultry is proudly Australian owned and operated by Cameron Ward and Angus Shepherd. Their partnership leverages on their individual strengths, with Angus specialising in breeding and Cameron on raising, black skin chickens.  Angus also focusses on breeding and raising Khaki Campbell Ducks for their gourmet eggs. 

Great Northern Poultry farms practice holistic management and regenerative farming, with poultry health and well-being of the highest priority. 

Angus Shepherd

Angus Shepherd

The Shepherd family, led by Angus, manage all aspects of the specialist genetics, breeding, brooding and hatching of black skin chicken and gourmet duck eggs on their family farm "Burrulaa Crossing" situated just outside of Manilla in New South Wales.

Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Experiment, observe and be patient.

Cameron Ward

Cameron's life long passion for poultry has led he, and his wife Sarah (+ Baby Ward), to raise black skin chicken. Day old chicks are carefully transported to his family farm "Glenbrae" north of Gunnedah, where the birds live a Pasture Raised life until maturity.

We aim to give our animals a great life, with only one bad moment.

Cameron and Sarah Ward

What is PROOF Certified?

Poultry health and well-being is of the highest priority at our farms.  Great Northern Poultry is PROOF Certified, meaning you can be certain that our black skin chicken are Pastured Raised On Open Fields.  Our poultry are raised outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, as close to nature as controlled farming allows.  Our black skin chicken always have access to outdoor grazing, living in open paddocks with plenty of room to move.  They are kept safe from predators while grazing on open fields by our protective Maremma dog, Rufus.